practicing balance for inner peace

Practicing Balance For Inner Peace

for Mental, Emotional, Physical, & Spritiual Wellbeing

Yogic wisdom tells us that the ability to do balance poses is not linear, meaning one day you may stand in tree pose like an old oak, the next you may bend and wobble in prevailing winds like a sapling. But that doesn’t mean you stop practicing.

The same goes for life. We learn it’s important to maintain a healthy balance between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of our being, and that balance will lead to more inner (and outer) peace.  But the practice is ongoing and the results won’t always be linear.

Doing something every day to tune into each of our four elements of being will help. Here’s how: 

Mental: Change Your Morning Mind: Do you wake up with a lot on your mind and immediately start mentally ripping through your roster of to-dos? Ouch! Tomorrow morning, before you fully engage with that mind review, take a deep breath and sink into the present moment. Take a few minutes to breathe in an attitude of appreciation and gratitude. This will set a calmer, more peaceful inner tone for your day. Repeat as needed throughout the next 24 hours and then do it again. 

Physical: Move Your Body Parts. It doesn’t matter whether you exercise or not – you still may not be tuning in to your body to give it the attention it needs. Think of this practice as your personal whole body MRI. Whether you start at the top of your head or the bottom of your feet, methodically review each joint in each limb, your torso and your head, and move it the way it wants to go. Wiggle your toes, stretch your neck, loosen your jaw. Pay attention to what is tight, what feels good and anything else your body is telling you. It will thank you.

Emotional: Release Stressors. It’s unrealistic to think that our lives can be totally stress free. But it is possible to practice how to not to hold on to irritations that may occur each day. Let’s say a guy cuts you off in traffic, a customer service person is rude on the phone, or the Wi-Fi goes down at work. Instead of getting mad and frustrated, practice saying, “So What.” These are little things; letting them go will free emotional space you can use for joy, happiness and peace. 

Spiritual: Let Your Soul Soar. It sounds esoteric, but this practice is quite practical. There are many ways to touch your soul: you already know them. They align with what you feel passionate about. Many of us work so much that we forget how great it feels to paint, dance, make music, write, garden, swim, walk the beach, or whatever else enlivens your spirit. 

As you practice these suggestions, remember it’s not about perfection. The very idea of having to be being perfect knocks us off balance. If it seems too much, start with only one and increase their use slowly. Remember to notice an increased feeling of inner peace and ease moment by moment. If you fall short, practice saying “Oh Well” and start again!

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