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Guide to Crystal Singing Bowls & Sound Healing (Beginner Friendly)

Have you ever wondered what your place in the universe is? How are you connected to everyone and everything around you? Then, we have something special for you.

Crystal singing bowls!

Incredibly efficient to cleanse yourself from negative energies. This instrument can help you feel more connected to people, animals, and nature around you. It can help you to restore your sense of well-being and security. You will feel the pleasure of living in harmony with the energies surrounding you.

History of Crystal singing bowls

Crystal singing bowls are an ancient tool for meditation, relaxation, and healing. The striking tone of the bowl is shown to vibrate at a frequency that can help release stress and tension from your body.

Tibetan singing bowls are also often used as musical instruments. They produce a clear, resonant tone when rubbed with a wooden or fabric covered striker. This sound can be used to create music or as a meditation aid.

Singing bowls have been around for at least 3 thousand years, dating back to ancient China and Tibet. They were originally made from metals like brass, bronze, and iron. Today singing bowls are also made out of quartz crystal. Crystal singing bowls are easy to work with and they’re able to create more  specific notes while playing them! 

All of our crystal bowls are fairly sourced. When we were first looking for a supplier we say that you could get bowls from all over the world. We tried out singing bowls from Japan, India, and Egypt!

We eventually settled on singing bowls made of 99.99% pure quartz. The purity makes a big difference in sound quality.

What Is A Crystal Singing Bowl?
Meinl Sonic Energy Crystal Singing Bowl

Crystal singing bowls are a type of bowl used for meditation, healing, and other sound healing and musical practices. They’re made from quartz crystal sand and can be used to create music when struck by a striker.

Strikers come in different materials, including silicone, rubber, and suede. Different strikers provide varying smoothness in the resonance. 

The name “singing bowls” comes from the vibrations and notes they produce when struck or sung. It sounds like a bell or a gong, the instruments are often used alongside chanting or meditation practices. You will also often find them in Sound Bath’s or Sound Healing Sessions.

Nowadays, many people use crystal singing bowls by themselves for meditation, deep relaxation or prayer and spiritial awakening by striking or singing them with a striker to create a calming sound or music. People also use them as part of their daily routine to help clear their minds and focus on what’s important to them at any given moment – whether it be during meditation time or just before bedtime! People recoving from trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD and drug and alchohol addiction use them for relaxation and self soothing. 

Why Should I Buy A Crystal Singing Bowl?

If you’re interested in exploring new ways to create inner peace, then the crystal singing bowl may be just what you’re looking for.

The singing bowl has been used for centuries by people around the world because it has been found to have healing properties that can help reduce stress and anxiety while improving overall health and wellness.

These bowls can produce more immediate and clear changes too. Research shows that their sounds can alter brain waves and help with insomnia. Though not mentioned in the research, crystal singing bowls can also help produce a meditative state quickly and easily.

A quality crystal bowl will allow you to experience the sounds of nature at its best!

How to play crystal singing bowls?
Meinl Sonic Energy Crystal Singing Bowl

Playing your crystal bowls is the best part! That’s why we put together a guide to playing your singing bowls.

We’ll provide a quick rundown here too!

Basically, you just need to place the sound bowl on its o-ring and a surface, such as a table or a chair, then tap it with a mallet or wand (another name for a striker).

After you do that, you’ll hear a tone that lasts for around five seconds before fading away into silence again.

If you want something deeper than just playing with one note then try experimenting with different pitches by tapping at different places around the edge of each bowl! If you want to learn how to play multiple crystal singing bowls you can learn more in our learning center or take courses with us. You may also find it helpful to strike each side of the bowl twice before moving on to another one if you’re having trouble finding your favorite spot on any given day!

If you are after a certain tone, then you’re welcome to browse our selection of tone specific singing bowls.

How long should you use a singing bowl?

We recommend using your singing bowl once a day, for at least 10 minutes each time. You can use it more often if you’d like, but we find that this is a nice balance of frequency and duration that makes the most sense for most people’s schedules.

If you want to use your crystal bowl longer than 10 minutes at a time, that’s fine too! Just make sure to take breaks between sessions so that you don’t get fatigued or overstimulated by the sound vibration.

How to choose crystal singing bowls?

Choosing the right crystal singing bowl for your needs can be a daunting task.

(Which is why we wrote a whole article on it)

With so many options out there, it’s hard to know where to start.

We’ve put together a list of the most important considerations when selecting a crystal singing bowl:


Choose the right size for your needs! Typically, bowls that are larger than 8 inches in diameter will produce lower notes, while smaller bowls 8 inches and below will produce higher notes.


Although you will find a variety of thickness in singing bowls. It typically makes very little difference to the tone of the bowl. They come in a variety of thicknesses because each one is made indivdually. 


The diameter of the bowl is another important factor in determining tone quality and sustain length. Generally speaking, smaller diameters produce lower notes while larger diameters produce higher notes.

Again though, that’s just an average rule of thumb—you’ll want to experiment with different sizes before deciding on one that works well for you!

Right Note:

If you want to get your hands on a good quality crystal singing bowl, then you need to first pick the note you feel most comfortable with. We have a whole page dedicated to helping you understand the relationship between chakras and frequencies.


The next thing to consider is the striker or wand material. This is important because different wand materials have different properties that affect how they sound the singing bowl.

For example, a heavy copper and silicone strker will make a deeper sound than a suede striker. While crystal bowls tends to produce a more clear tone. When playing a metal bowl you can use a wooden or felt covered striker. The heavier the striker typically the deeper the tone produced when struck or played. 

Right Design:

You’ll also want to consider the design of the bowl. There are many different designs available in both Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls in our shop and each one offers its own unique features and benefits. You should go for a design that suits your needs best as well as your personal intentions.


You should always check the quality of the crystal singing bowls before buying them. If you think that your bowl is not up to standard, then it’s best not to buy it at all, even if it’s cheap. We do not recommend buying instruments like this from Amazon or unreliable retailers. 

A good quality singing bowl should be made from high-quality materials and be able to produce clear and crisp sounds with ease. It should also have a nice finish and feel smooth when touched. 

We are very proud to offer, in our opinion, the best ethically sourced and high quality sound healing instruments on the market.

How are crystal singing bowls made?

Crystal singing bowls can be made from a variety of materials, including quartz, glass, and quartz with additional crystals such as rose quartz. The most popular material used for singing bowls crystal is quartz because it has the most enjoyable frequencies and resonances to our human ears.

The process of making a quartz crystal bowl begins with the mining of quartz crystal silicone sand. Then heated at high temperatures, which causes them to expand and become malleable. The bowls are polished until they have a high luster and their tones can be heard clearly. Take a deeper dive into The Deets About Crystal Singing Bowls here. 

Once the bowls have been crafted and polished, they are ready for use!

How to charge crystals with a singing bowl?
holding crystal to charge it in hand

Crystals are very powerful and can be used to charge a singing bowl. To charge a crystal with a singing bowl, please follow these steps:

  1. Clean your crystal bowl thoroughly so that there is no dust or dirt on it.
  2. Place your crystal near, but not in your singing bowl. Placing the crystal in your bowl might damage the bowl. Or, if it’s a soft crystal, damage the gemstone.
  3. Gently strike the side of your singing bowl with a striker so that it emits a ringing sound. Let it ring for a moment.
  4. Gently but firmly rub the outside of the bowl with the side of the stick in a steady clockwise direction. This should keep the ringing going.

    5. Continue to rub the singing bowl for a few rounds while setting an intention. Stop when you feel this is done.

How to use a singing bowl for healing

Using singing bowls is really like a form of meditation. At the very least, they can be used to achieve a meditative state.

The way to use a singing bowl for healing is the same as using it in general. You’ve gotta play it!

When struck, the vibrations from the bowl resonate through us and provide a calming feeling. Deep relaxation allows the body to heal itself. 

The bowls may be played individually or in groups, and are often accompanied by bells, gongs, and other instruments to create an ensemble effect. Singing bowls were traditionally used for religious rituals in Tibet and India, but they have also become popular with many types of alternative healers as well as people who just want to relax.

How to use a singing bowl for cleansing
young woman playing a set of 432hz crystal singing bowls for sale at the omshoppe in sarasota florida

Singing bowls aren’t just for meditation and healing. They’re also great tools for cleansing your energy.

Here’s how:

  1. Set aside time to do this process. We prefer to use an hour of uninterrupted time, less time we simply have less impactful results.

    This is a time when you won’t be interrupted by phone calls or texts from friends or family members (you can set the timer on your phone if you need help remembering).
  2. Make sure that the room where you’re doing this is quiet. Turn off the TV and close the windows if you live in a loud area. No need for fancy yoga journal poses, just sit comfortably. If any noises are coming from outside, try wearing earplugs or playing white noise through speakers in another room if possible; otherwise, just let them go unnoticed for now so that they don’t distract you from what’s happening inside yourself during this process.
  3. When you’re ready, turn off all lights except one small lamp on a table near where you’ll be sitting down (make sure it doesn’t cast shadows across your face when sitting down!)

    4. Play your crystal bowl and set your intentions.

Where to buy crystal singing bowls?

If you want to buy the best crystal singing bowls, we’ve got the best there is! We are the leading distributor of high quality quartz singing bowls.

Our extensive stock makes it easy to find the perfect quartz musical instrument for your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a small bowl or a large one, we have what you need.

We also have a wide variety of accessories that can help improve your experience with crystal singing bowls. These include mallets, meditation cushions, and drums.

Our bowls are available for sale as sets and separate pieces too.

You can order them online from anywhere – we offer worldwide shipping. If you want to buy them later you can add them to your bookmarks and order them later.

If you need any help with anything, don’t hesitate to reach out!


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