The Secondary Chakras

Paths to Further Healing

While the origins of the seven primary chakras can be traced back to ancient Hindu texts, knowledge of the secondary chakras is relatively new. Explorations into  quantum physics and energy healing by pioneers such as Barbara Ann Brennan, Alice Bailey and many others, have determined there are many more ‘secondary’ chakras vibrating inside and around our bodies. 

Since quantum physics informs us that matter changes depending on the perspective and perception of the observer, it’s not surprising that various schools of thought different on the number of secondary chakras and their correlations to the primary seven chakras. The prevalent view, however, is that there are 21 secondary energy centers distributed through the body. 

The 21 secondary chakras are powered by and connected to the seven primary chakras. The following shows their correlations as determined by both Brennan and Bailey.  

  • The two behind the eyes are connected to the third Eye or pineal gland chakra.
  • The two inside the ears are connected to the throat chakra.
  • The five on the breast area and the two in the palm of the hands are connected to the heart energy and the heart chakra. 
  • The three at the solar plexus area are connected to the solar plexus chakra. Two at the spleen point at the left rib and one at the liver point of the right rib.
  • The one over the navel and the two on the pubic bone are connected to what has been called the hara chakra, or earth chakra, located below the feet.
  • The two behind the knees and the two under the feet are connected to the root chakra.

The two feet chakras, located on the base or sole of each foot, are considered important healing spots because they relate to creating a stronger connection to Mother Earth. They may also provide the foundation for the Chinese practice of foot reflexology.  

To activate the two feet chakras, visualize them linked to the base chakra and to the two behind the knees. Now visualize filling them with white healing light. Doing so can help maintain a stable energetic foundation which can improve the flow of communication and connection with the energy grids of the Earth.  



Hands of Light: A guide to healing through the human energy field,
by Barbara Ann Brennan,

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