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Why To Use Handheld Crystal Singing Bowls

If you are a sound therapist, or sound enthusiast, then, you are likely continuously on the lookout for new inspirational sound therapy instruments.

You may have discovered along your journey that there are some instruments that are better for certain applications than others (i.e., Tibetan bowls, quartz crystal musical instruments, didgeridoo, etc.).

In this article, we’ll explore what a handheld crystal singing bowl sometimes called practitioner handle bowls are and why they’re so special, and how to pick the right one for you.

Crystal Singing Handheld rainbow grail bowl at The Om Shoppe & Spa
suede crystal singing bowl striker mallet

Specific instruments are gentle enough for every application and can be paired beautifully with most types of instruments. Handheld crystal singing bowls fall under this category of core sound healing instruments that belong in a sound therapist’s main toolkit. The health benefits of sound healing with cyrstal singing bowls are well documented.

While there are many beautiful options for crystal singing bowls, if you do not yet have a handheld crystal singing bowl, this is an especially mesmerizing option with which to elevate your sound sessions and personal meditation experiences.

What is a handheld crystal singing bowl?

A handheld crystal singing bowl, as the name implies, is a clear, decoratively treated or gemstone-infused crystal singing bowl that has a handle, by which you can hold the crystal singing bowl and direct its ethereal vibrations into the environment or around the physical body, place on the body and throughout the etheric or energitic body layers. There are different types of handheld crystal singing bowls, and they typically come in sizes between 6 and 9 inches. They are usually very thin, compared to frosted crystal singing bowls, even when they are infused with other gemstones. Here are the main differences:

  • Clear Handheld Crystal Singing Bowl: Very pure tone, not a lot of oscillations in the soundwaves. Typically, you can find these instruments with a hollow handle or a solid handle. Depending on your preference the hollow handle can allow for the addition of a ribbon for further identification and decorative effects. Some also feel the energy flows more freely through a handheld bowl with a hollow handle. However, in our experience both are beautiful choices.
  • Alchemy Handheld Crystal Singing Bowl (infused with other gemstones): Tend to have a little more richness in the overtones, due to how the metals affect the sound.
  • Grail-Handle Crystal Singing Bowl: The main advantage is that they can stand up on a flat surface, while the soundwaves continue! The biggest advantage to a Grail-Handle bowl is it allows you to place it down and still enjoy the tone.

What is so special about a handheld crystal singing bowl?

Sound healing and chakra crystals on a spa tableBecause they are handheld and their sonic vibrations can be directed around a space or person, they are especially useful in entrancing the mind, by further deepening how listeners (especially with closed eyes) can lose their sense of space. The mind is gently lifted from analyzing the environment and can give in to enjoying the sensations of the vibrational experience.

How to pick your perfect handheld crystal singing bowl?

Your perfect handheld crystal singing bowl will depend on what size/weight feelsGrail Handle Rainbow Crystal Singing Bowl with suede mallet and selenite comfortable to you, and what type of tone you are looking for. Professional sound therapists and musicians often find the lower the bowl, the more centering and stabilizing the experience of receiving their vibrations. However, you may want a higher-pitched bowl if you are looking for the sensation of lifting up from the lower-pitched notes and working with higher chakras.

If you have multiple bowls, it is recommended that your bowl fit in the key or musical mode of your other bowls, so that the experience feels gentle and coherent (remember to pay attention to the hertz frequency and keep the cents within 5-10 maximum from your other bowls — for questions on this, feel free to call The OM Shoppe for a personal consultation with our trained staff). Remember that the wider the diameter, the stronger the volume, but also, the heavier the bowl.

Ultimately, find the bowl that feels most comfortable and calming to you, because your energy and response to your bowl will definitely affect the way you use it in your sound meditations. We hope you now feel like you have a handle on these amazing instruments now!


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