Three G Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations to Open Your Throat

Three G Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations to Open Your Throat

And How to Balance Your Throat Chakra with Sound

Do you have a difficult time sharing your thoughts and feelings? Does speaking your truth to others evoke anxious feelings? Do you have a hard time communicating with confidence, honesty, and calmness? If you find yourself having trouble expressing yourself clearly or staying true to your authentic self, your throat chakra and G crystal singing bowl could use some extra attention. 

Sound has a profound way of affecting our body, mind, and spirit and making it easier for us to transform stuck emotion. To help you enhance your journey of healing, we’ve put together a list of 3 powerful G crystal singing bowl meditations to relax and open your throat chakra. Try them out to see which one resonates with you. The more you practice sound meditation, the more strongly you can experience the incredible power of sound to clear and recharge your energy centers. 

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Your Throat Chakra is Unbalanced If…

… you feel nervous when sharing your thoughts with others.

Maybe you have a fear of being judged or criticized. Or maybe you constantly feel ignored or misunderstood. Whether it is an irrational fear based on past negative experiences or you are in an environment or relationship that discourages you from expressing your thoughts and feelings, it’s important to remember that your voice is important. You are here as a means for the Universe to express itself through you. Your perspective and your voice matter! Practicing expressing yourself in an environment that is nurturing, encouraging, and loving can help you rebuild your confidence in your truth.  

…you find it difficult to be your authentic self

Keeping secrets because you fear not being accepted, finding yourself saying one thing but doing another, and finding it difficult to be honest with yourself are all ways that you may be going against your authentic self. Just because you feel differently from those around you, or you have made mistakes, does not mean that who you are is not valuable. When you feel anxious, meditating on the things that make you feel at peace can help you rediscover your perfectly authentic self. 

….you struggle to have your own voice.

If you find yourself following the crowd or not feeling your opinion matters, it may be time to have some alone time with you and the things you love to do. Experiencing new adventures or things you are passionate about on your own, can help reacquaint you with your individual tastes. Don’t try to be anyone else. You are you in all your magnificent uniqueness, and the world needs you to shine and represent who you are!

you find it hard to express your feelings in a healthy way

A throat chakra imbalance doesn’t happen only if you are feeling closed in your throat chakra or shy to communicate. It can also manifest in the form of being overbearing or aggressive in expressing our opinions. There is a fine line between expressing your truth because it is necessary and also being kind to others. Remembering that we are all going through our own internal struggles, can help us remember our compassion when approaching others.  

blue idiopan for throat chakra

A Healthy Throat Feels Like…

…honesty and openness.

You find it easy to express your truth and share with others who you are and how you feel.

…kind and loving communication.

You express your opinions, even if they are contradictory to others, in a kind and loving way. You listen to others and respect their feelings, as well.

…clarity and authenticity. 

You feel in tune with yourself, your needs, and your feelings.

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How to Balance Your ThroatChakra With Sound

Sound affects us in such drastic ways, and music is the language of the spirit! In a beautifully powerful way, sound can awaken, energize, and balance your throat chakra. Want to learn how? You are in luck! Click here for a FREE downloadable Throat Chakra Sound Guide. If you’re curious on how this compares to other chakras, be sure to check out the FREE Sound Guides for the Root Chakra, Sacral ChakraSolar Plexus Chakra, and Heart Chakra that we covered in the past few blogs of this Sound & Chakra Series! 

5 Ways To Heal Your Throat with your G Crystal Singing Bowl

As we mentioned in your Throat Chakra Sound Guide, your G crystal singing bowl can be such a powerful way to inspire fluidity in your throat chakra. So we’re including 3 crystal singing bowl meditations to open and charge your throat below.  

Visualizations can really help our mind connect with our energy field and work through any blockages we might feel. For each meditation below, make sure you are following these fundamental first steps: 


  1. Find a comfortable, relaxing place where you’re not likely to be disturbed. 
  2. Sit and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth for a few minutes. As your G crystal singing bowl sounds, feel your body relax. (Make sure you have a bolster or meditation pillow  to lift your hips and allow your spine to be straight but your body relaxed.)

The more you can move attention to breath awareness, the more you can potentially release. When our hearts are closed and the body anxious, our breathing is shallow and constrained. So, make sure your chest is out, and allow your breathing to slow and deepen. It’s amazing what these seemingly simple changes can do to calm the mind.

1) Foundational Throat Chakra Visualization   

This is a great meditation for every-day throat chakra self-care. 

STEPS 1 & 2 (Follow the fundamental steps above.)

  1. Imagine that you’re  drawing a stream of blue light up through your body towards the heart. Start at the base of the spine and work your way up through your chakras. Let the energy move up higher and more fluidly with each spin around your singing bowl, keep a steady, calm pace.
  2. Picture that light solidifying into a beautiful, bright sky blue ball of energy hovering over your throat chakra. With every breath, sense the ball becoming bigger and brighter. 
  3. As you focus on the light and sound, tune into a feeling of unconditional love for yourself and others, as the light pervades your whole body. Sound is a medium for channeling energy, so the longer you continue playing the crystal singing bowl, the deeper and more easily your mind can stay in this meditation, and the more you will be able to feel the energy of love flowing back to you, as you send it out with each rotation around the bowl. Stay in this meditation for at least 5 minutes until you can really feel the energy of love washing over your entire body and emanating from your G singing bowl.

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2) Humming Meditation  

STEPS 1 & 2 (Follow the fundamental steps above.)

  1. Take a moment to focus your attention on your throat center. The throat center helps us to get in tune with our authentic self, so become aware of any feelings that may arise around the throat region. Don’t judge what you feel or try to feel anything, just observe what already is present for you in this moment.
  2. As you breathe in and slowly sustain your crystal singing bowl, imagine a loving energy of fluid expression emanating from your bowl. (You can visualize it as white or blue light or the element of water.) This energy can serve to give you strength if you find yourself wavering through this meditation. 
  3. With each exhale, begin to take long and slow hums in unison with your bowl as consistently as you can. Remember to keep your lower jaw relaxed (in case of tension, massage the jaw or keep your teeth from touching to avoid clenching). Pay attention to where in your body you are feeling the vibrations of your humming. 
  4. Keep humming for at least 5 minutes, and check back with your body and how it feels. If strong emotions rise up, just focus on the beautiful tone and loving energy of your singing bowl and matching your humming to its pitch until the feelings pass and are transformed by the intention of sound and love. 

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3) Throat Opening Meditation

STEPS 1 & 2 (Follow the fundamental steps above.)

  1. Focus your awareness on your throat center, and picture a beautiful sky blue energy of unconditional love and fluid expression, exuding out into the world from your vocal cavity..
  2. Set an intention of authentic expression, and ask your throat to gently bring to your awareness what it wishes you to say. 
  3. As you sustain your singing bowl, start a hum in unison with it, and allow this hum to turn into an “Ah.” go back and forth between the hum “mmm” and “aahh” to warm up your voice and establish a unison resonance with your bowl.
  4. With each slow full stroke around your singing bowl, allow yourself to sing tones and syllables of whatever you feel. It doesn’t have to make sense. This is an exercise in feeling and learning to express what we feel in its authentic form. Be free and allow yourself to channel the sounds and tones that resonate with you.
  5. After you sing out each feeling that arises, chant “HAM,” at regular intervals as you continue sustaining the singing bowl, to energize and charge your throat chakra.

You can also skip step 4 in the Throat Opening meditation, to make it a simple but strengthening mantra meditation. Continue the mantra until your voice feels consistent and unwavering. 

Be sure to explore the combination of your favorite mantras or throat chakra meditations with sustaining your crystal singing bowl. You will certainly find yourself amazed at how much sound can elevate your ability to connect with and transform feeling, as well as enhance your overall meditational experience. 

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If you bought your G singing bowl from us, you know that it is made of 99.9% quartz crystal. Just like crystals, the more you meditate with it, the stronger your relationship with it. And the more powerful and easy it becomes to balance or charge your chakras with it.

If you want to learn more about how to create beautiful meditations with your singing bowls or other meditation instruments, or how sound can help your emotional well-being in other ways, sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned for upcoming courses, workshops, and webinars! 

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